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From Matthias Boehm <>
Subject Fwd: Fw: Request for a beginner JIRA
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2018 05:33:33 GMT
Thanks for your interest Daiki. I created two JIRAs SYSTEMML-2233 and
SYSTEMML-2232 that might me a good starting point. I would recommend
to begin with 2233 as a basic cleanup task, which is meant to get you
comfortable. The other task is then a bit more involved but would
improve our function namespace handling (e.g., for better statistics

If you are mostly interested in working on the Python APIs, an awesome
project would be to include the Python MLContext API into our
testsuite (or a separate Python testsuite). @Niketan: Do you have more
thoughts on that? Our dev environment anyway requires Python for the
distribution build.

Regarding the development environment, you would typically clone the
repository, setup your preferred IDE and work on local branches for
new features. Once a change is ready for review, you submit a PR which
automatically triggers a run of our testsuite on our jenkins
infrastructure. You can also run these tests locally through maven or
directly through junit, which is especially useful for debugging. The
same applies for Python as well but as mentioned above the Python API
is not yet part of the automated testsuite, so yes changes there
involve semi-manual testing.

The issue you've encountered with Java 9 might be related to [1]. I
just gave it a try and core SystemML compiles and runs fine with Java
9 when build directly through the IDE. If it's related to Scala, we
should find and discuss a resolution for our next 1.2 release.



From: Daiki Matsunaga/Japan/IBM
To:, Matthias Boehm1/US/IBM@IBM
Date: 04/03/2018 12:46 AM
Subject: Request for a beginner JIRA

HI everyone,

My name is Daiki from IBM Japan and I'm just starting out with
building/going through some examples so I can get used to the project
before contributing.

Request for JIRA

I would like some guidance on choosing which JIRA issue to choose
from. I don't have any strong preference for which part of SystemML to


I apologize in advance if this is too simple but what are the basic
steps involved during the iteration of development, build, test,
especially for Python. For example, do you write out code in Java or
Python on the source (e.g. a feature branched out from master), build,
and pip install and then check on Jupyter notebook? Or do you directly
edit the Python code that is generated after pip install?

Some things I noticed during install/build

Problem: It says Java 8+ is required but Java 9 does not work. With
Java 9 installed on my machine(Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5. ), there was a
build failure with "mvn clean package" as well as in the pyspark shell
with "ml = MLContext(sc)". This would be an issue with the current
documentation since it automatically downloaded Java 9 with "brew
install Caskroom/cask/java".
Solution: Since I had both versions of Java, I set the bash profile
Java environment variable to the following and it worked:
export JAVA_HOME="$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8)"

Daiki Matsunaga
Cognitive AI
GBS, IBM Japan
Phone: 050-3150-7460 / 080-5915-7460

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