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From Malcolm Edgar <maed...@tpg.com.au>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] [VOTE] Release 2.3 as rc-1
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:54:05 GMT
Malcolm Edgar: +1

There is a bug with the build.xml target "deploy-tomcat" in that it doesn't 
copy the /lib/ext/ejb.jar across to web lib. This
causes the Tapestry Tutorial Inspector Engine page to crash when running 
under Tomcat.

Also the Readme.html "Third party JARs" needs to be updated to include: 
commons-lang, commons-logging & junit.

I have just subscribed to the new list.

regards Malcolm

At 06:55 AM 15/01/2003 -0500, Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:
>Ok, we've discussed putting 2.3 "to bed".  2.3 beta-1 has been out there 
>for a bit, I've even seen comments that it was stable and easy to upgrade.
>The final major changethe addition of the "Global" mechanism, a 
>counterpart to the "Visit" mechanism, except that the global property is 
>shared by all engines in the application.  In addition, all source code 
>now has the big, ugly Apache license comment block.
>1) Create a branch off of HEAD for 2.3
>2) Label and create a release for 2.3-rc-1
>3) Merge private branch changes back into HEAD
>4) Rename packages and reorganize directory structure
>If any bugs to pop up in 2.3-rc-1, we'll fix them in its branch, and in 
>HEAD.  I don't see too much along those lines.
>Also, is everyone subscribed to the NEW 
>list?  <mailto:tapestry-dev@jakarta.apache.org>tapestry-dev@jakarta.apache.org
>Howard Lewis Ship

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