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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <hls...@attbi.com>
Subject RE: Location of incubated downloads?
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 00:19:10 GMT
Hm?  Tapestry creates a -bin and a -src distribution.

Each contains hundreds of files.

Everything is built from the top-level build.xml.  "ant dist" chugs along
for about eight minutes and produces Tapestry-xxx-bin.tar.gz and

Howard M. Lewis Ship
Creator, Tapestry: Java Web Components

> Maven can do the above. But there are probably easier ways of 
> doing it.
> How many 'deliverables' are there from the ant build? Is it just one 
> tapestry jar file, or are there other things produced as part of the 
> build.
> I'll check tapestry out of cvs and see what I can do to help.
> --
> dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
> Blog:      http://www.freeroller.net/page/dion/Weblog
> Work:      http://www.multitask.com.au

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