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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <hls...@attbi.com>
Subject 2.4/3.0 update
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 21:13:18 GMT
Just checked in the changes to the way URLs are built; Tapestry basically
combines the service and context query parameters into one (service).  So
you end up with URLs like:


Shorter, more readable URLs.  Updated the whole test suite.  Still over 80%

I've been tweaking the code, scattered throughout the framework, that
provides locations for exceptions.  It's worked really well, I've been
developing lots of pages and components as examples for the book, and my own
productivity has skyrocketed with this change!

I'm personally signed on to naming Tapestry NextGen as Tapestry 3.0, it's
good marketing and probably more accurate given the vast nature of the
changes.  Someone should put it to a vote (hint: someone else should run
things for a change).

I hate HTML layout.  Ever notice how on the Palette component, there's often
a gap betwene the "move up" and "move down" buttons?
I finally got rid of that, but had to do it by setting the column width for
that column.  I then removed the <br>'s that used to separate the images.
Looks good, but problematic if you replace the images with different sized
ones (had to add a parameter to Palette to control that width).

I would love it if some of you would step up to the bat and help with any of
this stuff.  For example, there's a backlog of simple bugs for the web site
(wrong links to mailing lists, etc.).  Andy Oliver could use some help
getting Tapestry to build under Gump.  dIoN was looking at Mavenizing
Tapestry.  We probably should use some kind of XML->HTML pipeline to
generate the web site documentation and the component reference.  Neil needs
help and feedback on the tutorial.  I could use some help finishing the
JUnit test suite (90% is reachable, 95% not unreasonable).

Also, I'm very excited about the "line precise exception reporting" in CVS
right now and would love to see another interrum release to give it some
exposure. I've had associates tell me they would use Tapestry soley because
of the exception report ... and that was before this new feature!  I don't
remember seeing anything this useful in any tool I've used, open or closed,
outside of language compilers.

So, what should the next release be (and when)? 2.4-alpha-5? 2.4-beta-1?
3.0-alpha-5? 3.0-beta-1?

Howard M. Lewis Ship
Creator, Tapestry: Java Web Components

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