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From Luis Neves <lne...@netcabo.pt>
Subject Re: Tapestry Schedule
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:25:04 GMT
On Tuesday 25 March 2003 18:37, Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:
> Discussion in two parts.  1) beta? ga?  2) transition
> How much longer can we continue in  2.4-alpha?  I know I'm running out of
> steam on major feature enhancements at this point.

Ok... let me give some ideas

Please note that some of this things could already be possible
(Tapestry is moving so fast that is hard for me to keep up with
the current feature set), and others may fall out of the scope of the
Tapestry Project.

- Allow multiple style sheets.

- Enhanced validator support. It would be cool to have a
RegularExpressionValidator (the MaskEdit component probably does
this but from the documentation it seems that it only works in the

-It would also be cool to declarative declare dependencies among
fields, e.g.: If the checkbox for the "Receive Newsletter" is
"checked" the text field for "E-mail" is required (this is
probably already possible using some clever OGNL expression as the
value for the "required" property ... I have no way of checking
this now).

- And while on subject of validation, it should(?) be easier to
create custom validation messages.

- Storing the session state in cookies if the browser supports it
and falling back to the default mechanism if the browser doesn't
allow cookies (this is probably the servlet engine job... I don't

- If possible it would be useful to indicate the root cause of the
"Stale Session" error.

- Generate javascript for Dependent List Boxes

- The HTML "class" and "style" attributes should(??) have
counterparts (as parameters) in every "HTML producing" Tapestry

- Tapestry used to have problems when forms were submitted multiple
times or links were clicked in rapid succession (I don't know if
these problems still exist), it may be worthwhile to look at this
article for ideas:

- Make Tapestry deal better with weird character sets, although
Tapestry support for displaying localized content is good,
handling input in languages other than English is tricky.

If there is value in some of this features I will add them as
"Feature Requests", and possibly tackle some of them myself.

Best regards,
Luis Neves

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