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From Viktor Szathmary <phrak...@imapmail.org>
Subject tapioca :)
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 05:47:37 GMT

as part of the Tacos project (the purpose of which is to provide
components, extensions to Tapestry) i started a tapestry skeleton
application subproject.

the goal is to come up with a minimal web-application that provides a
productive foundation for starting new tapestry projects. current

 - built against tapestry 2.3
 - a project layout and basic infrastructure
 - a Maven based build-process
 - a central repository for distributing dependencies (eg. tapestry,
ognl, etc)
 - ease-of-use with Eclipse+Spindle
 - HTML templates previewable in a browser

please take a look at http://tacos.sourceforge.net/   - tapioca will be
just a sub-project, once we have more stuff :)

future goals/ideas are:

 - more documentation explaining how to get things running
 - port to Tapestry 3.0, once spindle is ready (?)
 - etc

so, the intention is to have something that a new user can download, and
start developing his very own tapestry webapp in about 5 minutes - at
the same time get sophisticated supporting tools (that can be discarded
optionally, eg. nobody forces you to use Spindle, or Maven for that
matter: we can add an Ant script, etc).

please take some time too look at it, comment, and feel free to tweak
the code... this is just a very basic first pass. 



ps. let's keep the discussion on the tacos developer mailing list, i'm
just crossposting it, in case someone is interested...

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