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From Bill Lear <r...@zopyra.com>
Subject Re: problem: how to avoid inconsistencies when a user open a linkin anew window
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:28:24 GMT
On , June 5, 2003 at 17:16:28 (+0300) Marilen Corciovei writes:
>What about the sorting links in the top. Are they not added by the table
>component? and they are directLink's :)

Hmm, in section 2.3 of the Table component guide, it says:

     2.3. Changing renderers

     Another way to change the appearance of the table is by using the
     ITableColumn ability to provide custom renderers for both column
     headers and values. By default, SimpleTableColumn uses
     RenderString to display values and the SimpleTableColumnComponent
     to render the headers. That component makes the header a link if
     the column is sortable, handles clicks on it, and displays an
     indicator if the column is currently used for sorting.

     If is quite possible to use custom components to render the
     values [of] the headers in a different way.  This is the approach
     taken by the LocaleSelection component in the Workbench. It uses
     Block sections in its template to render some columns differently
     (see the demo).

     While using this mechanism is not hard at all, there are a number
     of common pitfalls that the developer must avoid. If you would
     like to go that route, please see how the
     SimpleTableColumnComponent and the LocaleSelection component are
     implemented and read the JavaDocs of
     org.apache.tapestry.components.BlockRenderer and
     org.apache.tapestry.ComponentAddress beforehand.

Sorry if this is nugatory:-)


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