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From Eric Everman <ever...@precedadesign.com>
Subject Re: naming question (attention: Geoff!)
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 04:36:09 GMT
In the interest of hand coding things, can we keep things short - like msg 
for message?

Spindle isn't currently available for the latest release and it would be 
nice if the framework was nice to hand coders.  There are other places 
where elements names could be shortened as well...


Eric Everman

At 5/31/2003, you wrote:
> > In light of that, I think <string-binding> should be <message-binding>
>the "string:" prefix
> > should be "message:".  Also, <set-string-property> should be
><set-message-property> (inside <bean>).
>'message' is definitely more appropriate than 'string' in this context, I
>believe. I am only a bit concerned about backward compatibility, but I guess
>the conversion can be done with a global search/replace. It may a very good
>idea, however, to keep a log of all incompatible changes (something like a
>changelog, but specifically for that), so that developers can have a
>'checklist' to go through when converting from one version to the next.
>Otherwise the process can be rather difficult.
> > Seems like the DTDs change with every release.  Should the DTD version
>number track against the
> > release number?
>+1 from me
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