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From "Anatoli Krassavine" <anatoli.krassav...@intellidos.com>
Subject RE: problem: how to avoid inconsistencies when a user open alinkin anew window
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:29:02 GMT

  I encountered a similar problem, so I clearly understand Marilen's issue.

  Basically imagine a page with third-party components inside. These
components are "black-boxes" - they contain links of their own:
DirectLinks, etc. I want to persist page state regardless of which of these
links is executed without need to "enter" black-box. I specifically do
not want components to be aware that they are inside a particular page
or force page to modify components.

  Page persisted properties is a possible way to do it, but it fails if
one has multiple pages opened in different browser windows.

  My current solution is to intercept all requests for services. If I detect
that the page for which service is required contains information to persist,
then I wrap the required service instance inside my own proxy service.
When encoding URL, my service adds persistent parameters to the url.
Likewise, during execution it first extracts persistent parameters and
then passes the execution to the original service it wraps.

  Having something like that inside Tapestry framework itself could be
quite useful.


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From: Bill Lear [mailto:rael@zopyra.com]
Sent: 05 June 2003 15:08
To: Tapestry development
Subject: Re: problem: how to avoid inconsistencies when a user open
alinkin anew window

On , June 5, 2003 at 17:00:46 (+0300) Marilen Corciovei writes:
>What if the directLink is in a tapestry component like table. Should I
>modify the table component if I want to do that? And all other
>components which might or might not be my own.

Not sure I understand.  Don't you decide which links get put into the


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