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From "Geoff Longman" <glong...@intelligentworks.com>
Subject Re: Re:OGNL
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 02:21:36 GMT
One of the goals of the new Spindle... I duck now to avoid the
inevitable "where is it!?!" responses ... is to have a faclility to
migrate template style component declartions to traditional specification
based declarations.

ie. MyPage.html...




< span jwcid="someId">

with the tapestry stuff moved automagically into MyPage.page

<component id="someId"  type="PropertySelection">
    <binding name="model">

    <binding name="value">
    <binding name="submitOnChange">

I want this feature real bad 'cuz is using the template decls rocks for
but it sucks when one has to migrate them by hand.


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From: "Vince Marco" <vmarco@mac.com>
To: "Tapestry development" <tapestry-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 9:45 PM
Subject: Re:OGNL

> > I've tried to get people interested in OGNL, but it seems that it is a
> > "stealth" project.  People use it within their frameworks and
> > projects, but it doesn't get any press or recognition :-(
> Well, so far my experience with OGNL is that it is a real time (and
> code) saver in the specification files.  It helps me avoid classes
> where I really shouldn't need one.  Great for bindings.
> But I do like to limit (if not eliminate) all OGNL expressions from my
> templates.  My whole excitement about Tapestry is to avoid the same
> problem I end up with using JSPs and Struts...which is that I end up
> mixing logic into my HTML.
> But there are times when expediency wins out, at least in the near term
> and I use an occasional OGNL expression in the HTML template.
> I need to get more into OGNL, as I'm sure it can do much more for me.
> Say, one aspect of Struts I find very annoying is that when I'm using
> their expressions to access JBs and a null is down the line (ie.
> "office.city.address.line1" and address is null).  I want to handle
> this as elegantly as possible in Tapestry without adding a null handler
> to every JB class.  Can I add the null handler to an abstract class and
> have it effect instances of inherited classes?  This seems to be an
> OGNL question.
> Thanks,
> Vince
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> Vince Marco
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> vmarco@mac.com

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