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From Vince Marco <vma...@mac.com>
Subject Re: OGNL
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 12:43:35 GMT
Ok, then help me out here.  I haven't read or seen any extending of the 
servlet, and I'd prefer not to have to bring in yet another extension to 

All I am asking for is an existing initialization hook that always gets 
called when an app is deployed.  I chose the engine because I am 
guessing that IEngine.createGlobal() gets called on deployment to load 
the ServletContext into the Global object.

This seems like it could be an effective place to do this, given that I 
didn't find a more suitable method (such as initialize()) that I could 
tie into in the IEngine.  This doesn't cause any state in the IEngine 
and it doesn't care that the engine is session bound or if the app is 

The only reason that I would share your assessment is if the 
IEngine.createGlobal() isn't specifically called to create the Global at 
app deployment.

Here's a question.  If I use a custom Global-class in the 
web.application, do I need to override BaseEngine in order to create 
it?  Seems pretty redundant to have to do both things.  Why not have an 
IGlobal interface that handles the ServletContext parameters, so that 
BaseEngine can create my own Global class.  Then I just have to specify 
my custom class in the web.application, and presto (like the Visit).

Then I could put the OGNL hook in my custom Global constructor, with no 
fuss or muss with overriding the Engine.  It is, effectively global app 
behavior by the way.

Any thoughts or comments?


>i'd expect the servlet to be a better place to initialise this than the
>engine.  engines are session bound afterall (for statelful apps anyway)...
>>Very cool, and easy to boot!!
>>So, now where is the best place to install this handler in Tapesry?  Is
>>there an initialize method off the engine?

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