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From "Mindbridge" <mindbridge...@yahoo.com>
Subject versions
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 18:50:07 GMT

I would like to raise this question both because there is expressed interest in it on the
user list and because there are a number of open bugs dependent on the resoltion. The question
is about the precise versions of the JDK and the Servlet API that Tapestry supports.

There are two similar bugs related on this topic:

24393 No JVM requirements mentioned in docs 


24394 Public jvm version requirements policy  

This has two aspects. One is where in the docs the Tapestry requirements should be listed.
Here is what I suggest:

- An additional section under Introduction in the User's Guide that details clearly the requirements
(see below)

- An additional section under Development Standards in the Contributors guide, referring to
procedures for verifying the compatibility as described in the User's Guide (I know I am not
always doing that)

The second aspect is what exactly the requirements are. We have discussed this before, so
here is a brief summary:

1) JDK 1.2.2
Tapestry compiles under JDK 1.2.2 and runs fine according to a number of user accounts.
One little problem I had was that I was unable to run the JUnit tests under 1.2.2 and hence
I couldn't be absolutely sure. (getting weird monitor exceptions). Has anyone had a better

2) JDK 1.3
Again, compiles under JDK 1.3, runs fine, and JUnit tests can now be run there fine to verify

One little issue -- in order for Tapestry, JUnit tests, etc. to run under 1.3 and 1.2.2, the
Xerces libraries need to be present in the classpath. This is also described in this bug:

20253 JUnit XML tests broken under JDK with no XML parser (eg. 1.3)   

Since some sort of an XML parser is usually provided by the servlet containers, this is not
normally a sore thumb, but it will be good to know what jars are normally needed, and what
is the minimum versions of those jars that is needed for Tapestry to run properly. Personally,
I have always used the latest version of Xerces with all of its jars, and I have no idea what
the minimum versions or what the required jars are. Does anyone have more experience here?

3) JDK 1.4
No issues there

4) Servlet API 2.2
Tapestry does NOT compile against Servlet API 2.2, BUT runs fine with it now. JUnit tests
run fine.

5) Servlet API 2.3
No issues. Compilation, running, and junit tests are fine.

Any corrections to this summary?

There is one more thing and it is related to the followng bug:

21871 junit.jar needed to build junit subproject, but not included or mentioned anywhere 


Is JUnit's license incompatible with the ASF one? I presume it is, since Howard did a rather
extensive research about it while we were in incubation, but I would like to ask just in case...

Best regards,
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