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From Erik Hatcher <e...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject tests failing
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 21:38:10 GMT
In my foray into writing a test case for the type converter patch I 
want to apply, I've run the TapestrySuite by doing 'ant gui'.

TestAutoParameters.xml, TestListenerBinding.xml, and 
TestSpecDelegate.xml are all failing for me.  3 out of 448 tests are 
failing, so that's not too bad, but let's get that to zero.  Is this 
something environmental for me?  It seems like in 
TestAutoParameters.xml the boolValue should be true, but it is 
expecting false.  Is the test case itself broken, or something in the 
production code?

Also, why is the <junit> task not being used in junit/build.xml?  I'd 
be happy to put in <junit> and <junitreport> if there are no 
objections.  I can do it in a standalone target that wouldn't hurt the 
run or gui targets.


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