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From Erik Hatcher <e...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject Re: ExpressionBinding type conversion patch
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 20:49:39 GMT

On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 03:24  PM, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> I added this to TestBindings.  Some other changes I made locally worth 
> noting:
> - added dateValue to BoundPage with setters/getters appropriately that 
> is of type java.sql.Timestamp
> - Modified MockEngine to have a setSpecification and modified the 
> getter to return what was set
> - Created MockApplicationSpecification which just has a dummy backing 
> Map to contain extensions and modified the checkExtensions and 
> getExtension methods to deal with the Map set with the setExtensions 
> method.
> Test worked just fine and I got the expected errors when I was 
> developing the test without the try/catch in there.
> So, whatcha think?

I committed all the Mock* stuff that I added/modified to get the test 
case to pass.  None of those changes break anything, just enhance the 
mock capabilities.  I figured it was easier to commit that stuff for 
you to see first hand.  My commit includes the MockTypeConverter which 
does special Date->Timestamp conversion.


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