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From "Richard Lewis-Shell" <rlewissh...@mac.com>
Subject Why enhance direction="custom" binding properties?
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 20:28:36 GMT
I am trying to figure out why all of our components are getting enhanced,
even though our code still only uses the 2.2 feature set.  We almost always
use custom direction parameters, and the classes generally access the
bindings using getBinding("someParameterName") rather than declaring
get/setSomeParameterName() methods.  Yet, scanForBindingProperty() in
ComponentClassFactory will create an enhanced property for a binding
regardless of its direction.  scanForParameterProperty() does NOT - it
checks for Direction.CUSTOM, and aborts in that case.

Should Tapestry create an enhanced binding property for direction="custom"
parameters?  If so, why?

I am still coming to grips with class enhancing, but, at this stage, I am
thinking - no, custom should mean 'hands off - I know what I'm doing'.


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