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From Erik Hatcher <e...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject Re: TestEnhancedClassFactory.testCreateFailure() is failing (with JDK 1.3)
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 02:37:27 GMT
On Sunday, December 7, 2003, at 09:10  PM, Richard Lewis-Shell wrote:
> First step is getting Tapestry to build with JDK 1.3 :-(

Yeah, I saw your fix to my test case.  Can't we make the minimum 
requirement JDK 1.4?!  :))

> I was also seeing 3 failures when running the tests.  Erik - are you 
> using
> 1.3 or 1.4?  I am assuming those of you using 1.4 are seeing 'green'.

I use 1.4.  And all my tests are green now that I realized it was a 
missing jython JAR that was making a few tests fail (still no response 
on my message about why I never saw a decent exception telling me what 
was wrong in this case though).

> I have fixed TestBinding.testTypeConverter() that was treating a 
> Timestamp
> as a Date.  Presumably this is less bad in 1.4 than it is in 1.3 - 
> though
> the javadocs for both versions advise against this.  I am not able to 
> test
> the changes I made to the test under 1.4, but from reading the 1.4 
> javadocs
> for Timestamp the change should be compatible.  I'd appreciate if 
> someone
> could test it with 1.4 for real though.

I'll try it out this week.


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