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From Masataka Kurihara <kurih...@gluegent.com>
Subject RequestContext#getHeader(String)
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 02:52:30 GMT

 I want org.apache.tapestry.request.RequestContext
#getHeader(String):String, #getHeaders(String):Enumeration
and getHeaderNames():Enumeration. 

 I am switching my own company's web site from Cocoon2
to Tapestry3 now.
This web site will be for Windows users, *nix users
and Mac users. So site design is adjusted by using multiple
 I think that selecting css needs HTTP request header
"User-Agent". I am coding follow in page object because
org.apache.tapestry.request.RequestContext has not 
how to get request-headers directly.
import javax.servlet.http.HttpRequest; //<-- Wmmm.
public IAsset getStylesheet() {
  HttpRequest req = getPage().getRequestCycle()
  String agent = req.getHeader("User-Agent");
 Tapestry wraps all other useful Servlet API and Spindle
make default project which has not servlet*.jar. I think that
RequestContext must have getter methods for request-header.
(#setHeader(String, String) and #addHeader(String, String)

Masataka Kurihara

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