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From "Hans Donner" <co...@pobox.com>
Subject RE: packages
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 21:26:56 GMT
> Just legacy.  (...) But not anytime soon ... it's
> very disruptive. Don't move things around.

That's why I'm asking (and the suggestion of keeping a deprecated version
in the original place).
But i'll leave that alone for now.

> BTW it's gratifying that you want to do some of this work, but what is
> your ultimate aim? If you are
> looking for specific ways to help, I can point you in some specific
> directions, but they don't
> really involve the code as much as the documentation.

My ultimate gaim is to get a better understanding of the Tapestry
internals, and for me that is by browsing and reading through the code.
While doing so, I always make some minor updates making it more
understandable for me (and possibly also for others), and just asking some
(or maybe a bit more :-) )questions to improve my understanding some more.

It never can hurt having some directions to look out for while learning it
my self.


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