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From "Anatoli Krassavine" <anatoli.krassav...@intellidos.com>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] JDK 1.4 for Tapestry 3.1
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 10:40:58 GMT

Let me return to my original point because the discussion is getting
deviated. My preferred option could be formulated like this:

1) Tapestry 3.1 will move to 1.4 as the principal supported platform
2) Tapestry 3.1 will still be able to support 1.3 (probably not at runtime
but as a separate build). 1.3 build could disable certain new features for
which there are no sensible 1.3 workarounds.

This addresses many issues - in particular in this scenario nobody is left
behind or feeling that they got the short end of the stick.

>From my understanding of current Howard's ideas, the 1.4-specific features
he is presently thinking about should be pretty straightforward to isolate.
For example, regular expressions could be called through a Tapestry-specific
proxy hiding the actual implementation under the API.

There could be an argument against having separate 1.3 and 1.4 builds;
nevertheless in this particular case I believe the advantages greatly
outweigh disadvantages.

One of the problems with the argument that "people who use 1.3 will still be
able to use Tapestry 3.0" is the essence of human nature. If this is done,
then all the development effort and energy will go into 3.1. In practice and
my experience in this scenario 3.0 will end-up virtually unsupported. I know
that now everyone is probably feeling very noble about supporting 3.0, but
in reality this codebase will effectively be abandoned.


Intellidos Limited

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From: Danny Angus [mailto:Danny_Angus@slc.co.uk] 
Sent: 14 June 2004 09:35
To: Tapestry development
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] JDK 1.4 for Tapestry 3.1

>  A lot of those same
> big organizations that are slow upgrading are also slow to upgrade
> their actual applications to bleeding edge API's and are probably not
> using Tapestry, more than likely.

Hold on there...!

There are real benefits to using Tapestry, and big organisations especially
benefit from the specific advatages of componentisation, separation of
concerns, reuse etc.etc.
But.. there is another issue here, operational support has to balance the
performace of the whole system, against the conflicting demands of the
business. That is likely to be a resistance to change, particularly where
the impact is widespread. Why make the challenge of moving to Tapestry
bigger than it need be for just the kind of people who will benefit most
from it?


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