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From "Mindbridge" <mindbridge...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] Tapestry Deli
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2004 08:37:25 GMT
[moving this to tapestry-dev]


> I'm wondering if it would be better if all tapestry components be put into
> a tapestry subproject.  That way they can continue to evolve after the
> official release.

Yes, good point.

My intention is to use the components in Base (and the corresponding
feedback from people) for a proposal for a possible evolution of the
standard Tapestry components in 3.1. Other people (Howard being one) have
expressed a view for combining the form and non-form components into one as
well, the exact way to do this has not been agreed yet however. The For
component also has one little addition in the face of IPrimaryKeyConvertor,
we have to see if that is useful.

I also intended to propose to add the Checkbox stuff once it matures to
contrib -- it ties nicely with Table and possibly Tree among other things,
so I guess we are of one mind here.

This is probably not going to be true for other components, however.  A CVS,
such as the one on Tacos, will be necessary if collaborative development is
needed. For small stuff it probably wouldn't be, however.

> Also I was looking at the Tapestry-Base source and noticed that it reads
> Copyright Apache Software Foundation.  Is this right?  Have the rights
> assigned to the ASF?  If so shouldn't it be hosted at the ASF?

Not exactly...
The reason the header is there is because this is my standard file prefix
for new Tapestry-related files :). Since I intended the code to be ASL
anyway, I did not read the text carefully and left it intact. I guess some
modification is in order.

(Technically, though, Apache has a signed agreement from me for transfer of
copyright, so this should not be a big deal, especially in light of the
first part of the message).


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