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From tapestry-...@jakarta.apache.org
Subject [Jakarta Tapestry Wiki] New: ImprovedValidationProposal
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 20:26:44 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-14T13:26:44
   Editor: HowardLewisShip <hlship@apache.org>
   Wiki: Jakarta Tapestry Wiki
   Page: ImprovedValidationProposal
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-tapestry/ImprovedValidationProposal

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New Page:

= Problem Description =

Tapestry's validation subsystem is quite powerful, but has evolved over time in fits and starts.
The Tapestry 3.0 implementation is powerful and flexible, but could be ''simpler'' and more

 * Creating validation delegate objects for Form components is somewhat awkward
 * Creating validator objects for !ValidField components is much too verbose
 * There is no easy way to ''cancel'' a Form (i.e., disable client- and server-side validation)
 * Is it necessary to have both !TextField and !ValidField?
 * It would be nice to integrate validation for other (perhaps all) form element components,
especially !TextArea, !DatePicker, !ProperySelection

= Proposed Solutions =

== Validation Delegates ==

Forms shall, by default, have a validation delegate. The {{{org.apache.tapestry.validation-delegate-class}}}
property will define the validation delegate class to instantiate, with a default of the {{{org.apache.tapestry.valid.ValidationDelegate}}}
implementation.  The property can be overriden by a page, a namespace, or globally.

== Streamlined Validator Specification ==

The {{{validator}}} parameter of the !ValidField component requires an instance of {{{IValidator}}}.
This shall be changed to also allow a string to be specified. The string
shall be an encoding of a type of validator and configured properties for that validator type,
for example, {{{string,required,minLength=5}}} or {{{number,int,maxValue=20}}}.  A HiveMind
configuration point will allow new validator types to be defined (details forthcoming).

''To be determined: perhaps an additional configuration property to control whether client
side scripting is enabled or disabled by default.''

Note: through the magic of OGNL, something like this can be done in Tapestry 3.0, i.e.:
  <binding name="validator">

The trick (!) is to write the validatorFactory bean.

== Form Cancellation ==

It would be nice to have the ability to cancel a form, such that client-side validation is
skipped and the form submitted (in such a way that the Form component knows it should not

I would propose that a special query parameter, {{{cancel}}} be used for this purpose.  A
non-null value will be recognized by the Form component to indicate that the form has been

Possibly, the Form class (and IForm interface) should have a {{{canceled}}} property.  Another
possiblility is to add a {{{canceledListener}}} parameter.

A Cancel component may also be added, though it's not obvious that it is necessary, {{{<input
type="submit" name="cancel" value="true">}}} would be sufficient.

Part of this placys into the need to re-organize how client-side scripting related to the
Form is managed. There needs to be a differentiation of which Form submit handlers should
under which scenarious (normal submit, cancel submit, other?). I have seen cases where a Form
should be submitted so that it can update in a refreshed mode (for example, when there is
a dependency between the selection of one drop down list and the options in another) that
causes some headaches on the client side.

== Unified Validation ==

Make {{{validator}}} parameter optional on all form element components and remove ValidField
component entirely.  Allow displayName on all form element components. 

How would a validaiton delegate decorate a non-text field, such as a check box or drop down
list?  How can the validation delegate determine the "flavor" of component it is decorating
(i.e., is it a traditional text field, a drop down list, a check box, a text area, etc.).
 This may involve some significant API changes.  Possibly, IFormComponent would need an additional
method for this purpose.

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