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From "Lauri Liinat" <Lauri.Lii...@microlink.ee>
Subject Misleading text in Inspector
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:05:00 GMT

Hi all,

my concern is as follows: on the "Engine" tab of Inspector,
there is the following text:

    "The serialized state of the application engine
     (the size of this is relevant for application servers
     which support clustering)."

This explanation as well as the size of the serialized Engine alone
is incomplete information since it's not the only serialized object
that affects cluster state replication (as well as memory requirements
with most servlet containers) via size - an app developer also needs
to consider and therefore easily monitor the total size of all
Properties per Session as recorded by SessionPageRecorder. In large
apps, the total size of Persistent Properties may easily exceed the size
of Visit (which is serialized with the Engine) tenfold and more.

So it would be _extremely_ useful if the Inspector was able to not only
list all Persistent Properties as name / value pairs but also show their
total serialized size. This feature would also instantly uncover bugs
where app developer is recording a change on an object that is not
serializable, at the very moment the Engine tab of Inspector is viewed.

Such feature would be simple to implement yet an invaluable tool to
assess Memory Requirements for single-node servers and Replication
Overhead for clustered servers.

Comments anyone?


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