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From Andrew Pietsch <andr...@forge.com.au>
Subject Re: URL question
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 04:35:40 GMT
Hi Alex,

My use of the word "stealing" was misleading. it wasn't a security 
issue, it was actually to do with implementing a simple URL rewriting 
scheme.  The data we're passing is just a simple string and a long.


Alex Ieong wrote:

>If the parameters are too complex, DataSqueezer would be the only
>choice. But I am not sure if it's a solution to such security issue.
>Stealing information in URL is even easier than stealing from session.
>But explaining it may be off topic.
>On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 15:08:09 +1100, Andrew Pietsch <andrewp@forge.com.au> wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>In our companies first Tapestry application I had the requirement to
>>pass parameters between every page (to stop session stealing with
>>multiple browser windows active).  To achieve this I created a custom
>>DataSqueezer and subclassed every engine service to override
>>service.getLink(...) to embed the custom parameters into every link and
>>service.service(...) to extract them and insert them into every page.
>>While this approach worked a treat, I was wondering if:
>>a) it was indeed the correct approach for this problem (as it seemed a
>>little messy).
>>b) the new URL mechanisms being developed for 3.1 might simplify this.
>>Thanks and cheers
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