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From Paul Ferraro <p...@columbia.edu>
Subject AbsoluteURLBuilder - what the dilly?
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:21:49 GMT
Within the services package I stumbled across a new class called 
AbsoluteURLBuilder.  I'm a bit confused with how and where it is meant 
to be used.  Is the intention to replace the logic currently in 
EngineServiceLink?  According to what I see documented, it is used "to 
generate complete URLs, suitable for use when sending client-side 
redirects."  The only place I see it referenced is in the RestartService 
- but it doesn't seem to add any value, since the redirect would work 
just fine without it: 

...on a related note...

It's been my intention to extract the building of a url from its 
ILinkRender (e.g. DefaultLinkRenderer vs. AbsoluteLinkRenderer) so that 
the logic can be reused to benefit other ILinkRenderers (e.g. 
PopupLinkRenderer, ButtonLinkRenderer, etc.) as well as the Form 
component.  My initial idea was to decouple the building of a ILink's 
url from an from the representation of the link (e.g. EngineServiceLink, 
StaticLink, etc.) itself.  A newly created url builder interface was to 
be leveraged by link components and the Form component alike to support 
things like toggling SSL.

Is this the purpose for which the AbsoluteURLBuilder is intended?  if 
so, how?  If not, can we generalize this service to support the above 


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