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From Paul Ferraro <p...@columbia.edu>
Subject Re: Tapestry 4.0
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 03:54:16 GMT
Paul Ferraro: +1 (binding)

Howard Lewis Ship wrote:

>The sentiment of the community seems to be that the next major release of 
>Tapestry (i.e., HiveMind infrastructure, Portlet support, etc.) is too 
>different from Tapestry 3.0 to be called "Tapestry 3.1". This release
>will only be largely backwards compatible; applications that sub-class 
>BaseEngine or make use of custom Tapestry engine services will require some 
>amount of re-work. In a small number of cases, component parameters 
>(espcially those using direction "auto" or "custom") will not work exactly 
>as before.
>I feel it is completely reasonable to not call this release 3.1, but to 
>continue to bend over backwards for backwards compatibility.
>A +1 vote signals that you concur, and that the next reelease should be 
>numbered 4.0. This will affect the code in a very limited way: Much code has 
>been added with a @since 3.1 javadoc tag; this will change to @since 4.,0. 
>Likewise, the 3.1 numbering is in documentation, and inside some of the 
>specification DTDs; these will also change.
>Howard M. Lewis Ship: +1

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