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From Ron Piterman <mpla...@vollbio.de>
Subject Re: [Jakarta-tapestry Wiki] Update of "IdeasOnTapestry" by wangzaixiang
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 06:28:22 GMT
ציטוט Apache Wiki:

The Wiki is to share knowledge.
The newsgroups is to share thoughts.
This wiki page belongs definitly to the newsgroups.
Putting it on the wiki expresses to the least wrong understanding of the 
roles, to the worst some need to screem.

I tried to contact the writer, only I could not find how...

Any ideas?

> Dear Wiki user,
> You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Jakarta-tapestry Wiki" for change
> The following page has been changed by wangzaixiang:
> http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-tapestry/IdeasOnTapestry
> New page:
>  Tapestry is a good framework for WEB presentation, It provide a server-side presentation
framework in a component based architecture. Tapestry3.0 is currently stable to use in a realy
web appication.
> For my experience, Tapestry is still something complex for the starter to learn, but
if you would just the simple functions which is already stronger than Struts, i think 2-3days
is enough.
> Also, i think the Tapestry framework should involved in the following:
>    1. Simplify the component definition. Although the (POJO + XML Descriptor) model runs,
i think a purely POJO component model(without XML, or by using Java5 annotation) will be more
easily. also, It should make component develop follows the java style, such as support component
inherit. (as a compatable option, a tool can used to generate the XML descriptor. )
>    2. ognl is used as internal java-bean-path language, that works well but still not
enough for big enterprise application, because ognl is not strong typed, and any error cant
find till runtime. so i would like to introduce 2 other method. one is java:a.b.c which should
be static checkable, and the error can be find on a precheck mode. or xpath:xml-path-expr
format which enable access XML using xpath.
>    3. a Tapestry page is shared for multi-client and multi-request, this makes the tapestry
page 's DOM structure(or the component-tree) is static. in some cases, it makes dynamic web
appication difficult. so i think Tapstry should enable for dynamic Component tree. that require
more memory but provide a clear design.
>    4. Tapestry is originaly design as Server-side presentation framework, although it
provide some javascript support but it is really poor. Rich-client is the trend of WEB, and
i would like to see a rich client based subproject to coorpate with server side framework.
aka, to integrate the AJAX into tapestry.

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