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From Andrew Kirby <andrew.c.ki...@gmail.com>
Subject Access to the Tapestry Hivemind Registry in 4.0
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 06:59:18 GMT
I have a requirement for access to the Hivemind Registry instance that
is constructed within the Tapestry Application Servlet such that I can
lookup and use the default SpecifcationParser service.

I cant find a way to achieve this ?

I am implementing an ISpecificationResolverDelegate class using the
tapestry4-alpha3 code base and need access to the SpecificationParser
service so assume that I can lookup this service from the Tapestry
Registry instance, but cannot determine how to get a handle to this
registry instance to perform the service lookup.

I tried using -

Registry registry = HiveMindFilter.getRegistry

but this returns null when called from my
ISpecificationResolverDelegate implementing class.

The registry has definitely been constructed correctly and populated
as other components have already been parsed correctly when stepping
debugging and stepping through the code.

Any help much appreciated


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