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From Richard Lewis-Shell <rlewissh...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Adding annotation support to Tapestry 4
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 02:15:10 GMT
Oh wonderful!  You seem to keep beating me to the things I was planning 
on doing (deprecatable components, annotations).  Perhaps if I don't 
tell you what I am next thinking of, I might get to it first :-)

Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> I'm working on adding annotation support even as we speak.  I felt
> inspiried this afternoon.  It does mean compiling on JDK 1.5 to target
> JDK 1.1, and it also means we can't use commons-lang anymore (it has a
> package name thats illegal), so goodbye EnumPropertySelectionModel.
> On 6/8/05, Richard Lewis-Shell <rlewisshell@mac.com> wrote:
>>I was hoping to get a little more feedback from the others here before
>>deciding whether this needed to be put to a vote...
>>The main issue to me is whether requiring JDK 5 to BUILD Tapestry is
>>going to be workable?  If there's going to be problems there, we might
>>be able to look at some sort of conditional compilation for the annotations.
>>Ron Piterman wrote:
>>>So why not vote on adding it as an (unmature) extention to the tapestry
>>>ציטוט Richard Lewis-Shell:
>>>>I think we should add annotation support to Tapestry 4.  The initial
>>>>hard work has already been done by Joni
>>>>so this would mostly be a matter of merging his work (which has been
>>>>deliberately compatibly licensed BTW).  The benefit seems clear - and
>>>>we can claim support for one of Java 5's most interesting features
>>>>(and by extension, thus Java 5 itself).  The downside would be that we
>>>>would have to use Java 5 to build Tapestry.  Is that going to be a
>>>>Because this is a completely new feature, I do not see a good reason
>>>>to wait.  Does anyone else?
>>>>There is another reason I am interested in seeing this incorporated
>>>>into Tapestry sooner rather than later - one of encouraging our user
>>>>community.  It seems to me that we are a strange open-source project -
>>>>we have a very good/strong user community, but not such a strong
>>>>developer community.  We are currently very Howard-centric - there is
>>>>a lot of looking to Howard to guide us/tell-us-how-it-will-be (eg.
>>>>recently it was suggested that template defaults were "in Howard's
>>>>hands", and this attitude permeates on the -user list).  While Howard
>>>>has done an incredible job of getting us this far, there is only so
>>>>much one person can do, even if that person is Howard!!!  I think we
>>>>run the very real risk of losing relevance to other popular projects
>>>>in the same space (JSF, struts etc) with more active developer
>>>>communities.  We are the only ones who can change that, and we do it
>>>>(IMO) by encouraging users to contribute more to the project, and the
>>>>obvious way to encourage user contribution is to incorporate those
>>>>contributions that fit well with Tapestry into the framework itself.
>>>>To bring this back to the here and now, annotation support is such a
>>>>user-contribution that I think fits well with Tapestry.
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