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From Kevin Menard <kmen...@servprise.com>
Subject Re: Release naming: Tapestry vs. world
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 20:15:17 GMT
Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:
> Any thoughts on this style of numbering?  I like our conventions, but
> there's something to be said for this approach.

Not being a dev, I'd take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt.

I like the idea of voting on releases in general, but I think we've all
seen how it has hindered the release of betas.  I think what Tapestry
just did with the recent vote for weekly betas was unprecedented.
Anyway, my point is, voting to release and then voting again to
determine the status of that release just seems like it would tie things
up even more.  I'd be fine with that if I could see something gained
from it, but I'm not sure there is.  Everyone has a general feeling of
where the project is at.  We're in beta, so voting for every release to
confirm it's a beta seems like a waste to me.

So, I'm +1 with the current naming convention.  However, RC never really
sat well with me, or at least the way people use it.  For example, the
Eclipse folks plan 3 - 5 RCs before an actual release.  If additional
RCs are *planned*, then the first one really wasn't a candidate for
release.  I certainly realize it asserts that it's a step above beta in
terms of quality, but it's not really a release candidate.  So, whenever
 Tapestry hits the RC stage, I really hope the releases are candidates
for releases and not just a beta by another name.


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