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From Hugo Palma <hugo.m.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: new hivemind library project
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 21:36:08 GMT
I think such project is much needed. Hive Utilities(Hivetranse) could be 
it if only the source was available and if it was more open to 
contributions. I think lot's of people(i know i do) have hivemind stuff 
that could be contributed to the community to ease the use of the 
framework. So i think the creation of such project would be great, and i 
think the community support for it will be very good also.

Jesse Kuhnert wrote:

>In case anyone here had any opinions, I was pondering setting up a tiny 
>little hivemind library project on sourceforge to provide common 
>functionality for things that lots of users seem to be requiring time and 
>time again. Like hibernate accesss/security/file view services/etc...
>I think Hivetranse looks good, but I remember getting pissed off reading the 
>faq entry regarding putting the source in cvs as something that "should not 
>be counted on anytime soon", and so rolled my own solution for most of these 
>It almost doesn't seem worth the effort, does anyone have an opinion on 
>this? I don't want to get stuck adding all kinds of features and crap to it 
>right away which is what makes it sad, but it would be so easy to stick it 
>out there and tell people to submit patches if they want more....
>Or.....perhaps some of the external services in projects like hivetranse 
>should be more clearly referenced directly in the tapestry docs? Maybe the 
>users guide could have a page for "external libraries" that briefly 
>describes some of the common problems people need to solve and how and which 
>library provides a solution, with the caveat that it is not maintained by 
>any tapestry developers so use at your own risk ;) ....

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