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From Fernando Padilla <f...@alum.mit.edu>
Subject memory leak on pageValidate
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2005 21:28:23 GMT

Has anyone put Tapestry 4-beta4 on a profiler, and maybe repeatedly hit
a url that would throw a PageRedirectException on pageValidate???

Well, I have.  And yes, there is a memory leak.  And this ain't good for
production systems.

I am really tired so tomorrow I can give out more details, but i wanted
to send out this email to see if anyone already knew what was going wrong.

I haven't taken the time to read the code, but it seems that when
pageValidate fails, it causes tapestry to always rebuild the page
template of the next page ( like the LoginPage ).  While rebuilding the
page template it does a lot of reflection, as well as Binding object
creation and somehow that is what is leaked.

On one test ( RedHat ), I was getting a leak of
sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor* objects, and a goole search only
came up with this: http://www.burnthacker.com/archives/000160.html  So I
thought it might be a simple configuration change.

But then today I ran a test on a different box ( Gentoo ), and I was
getting leaks of the org.apache.tapestry.binding.ExpressionBinding and
LiteralBinding objects.

So, no matter what is wrong with the VM's reflection classgc settings,
Tapestry shouldn't be rebuilding the page template on every request that
fails pageValidate.  Conceptually it makes since, if a page in not valid
it shouldn't return to the pool, but if that is so then we should not be
using it for authorization/authentication checking..

any help?  I'll probably start looking through the pageValidate code
tomorrow to see if I can track this down..  but I really hope someone
else more experience with this code can suggest ideas right away.

The second option i have is to not use the pageValidate method at all,
and instead do a ServletFilter to manage authorization management..


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