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From "Oliver Lieven" <oliver.lie...@provantis.de>
Subject Tapestry4: access PageLoader.createImplicitComponent - DynamicBlock
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 16:41:31 GMT
Hi, I'm trying to migrate out Tapestry 3 application to Tapestry 4.
It makes intensive use of M. Henderson's DynamicBlock component (see
http://www.behindthesite.com), which allows loading of components which
are dynamically specified by their name (in our case, the component's name
is specified in a database).

The DynamicBlock component makes use of the
PageLoader.createImplicitComponent() method, which IMHO cannot be accessed
in Tapestry4 any more (since I cannot access the PageLoader)...

What would be the best way to access the
PageLoader.createImplicitComponent() method, i.e. how can I get an
initialized PageLoader instance?

Should I
- create own class and inject PageLoader via hivemind?
- add a getPageLoader() method to PageSource class?
- make _loader member variable protected and subclass pageLoader?
- ???

Or is there another & better way which I haven't encountered yet?

Any help is very welcome!

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