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From Jone.hwk <jone7...@yahoo.com.cn>
Subject Two "unexpected" issues with tapestry 4(beta5)
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 00:01:24 GMT
Hi all,
In tap4 I found two "unexpected" issues:

1.The following snippet work well jdk1.4.0.x,:
<span jwcid="@Insert" value="ognl:pageNo">pageNo</span>

but in jdk1.4.2 or jdk1.5,a fatal BindingException throwed,saying the "pageNo" 
property not found!
Is this a ognl bug?jdk bug?or tap bug?
Btw,Certainly I can fix this issue by use "getPageNo()";

2.About "utf-8" page coming into "?????" issue.
In my project ,I always use "throw new ApplicationRuntimeException(new 
ExceptionXXX())" to redirect to another page,in method "doProcessException" of 
service class "ExceptionPresenterImpl" I process exceptions as following:

 if (ex instanceof ApplicationRuntimeException) {
   Throwable cause = (Throwable) ex.getCause();
   if(cause instanceof Exception1){
     exceptionProcessed = true;
     Page1 page=cycle.getPage("Page1");

   if(cause instanceof Exception2){
     exceptionProcessed = true;
     Page2 page=cycle.getPage("Page2");
Now problem occur now,page1 rendered here work well,but page2 come into "?????",
all characters in page2 rendered as "??????"

The problem also found in "PageRedirectException".

Now in order to achieve my goals,I have to use "RedirectException",but it willy 
will break my current pages workflow.


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