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From Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi <leona...@dtqsoftware.com>
Subject Re: PageRedirectException in pageBeginRender or pageAttached
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 19:24:06 GMT
Henri Dupre wrote:
> I had a strange problem by throwing a PageRedirectException in a
> pageBeginRender method: the encoding of the redirected page was
> screwed up.
> But it seems to work well in pageAttached.
> So if PageRedirectException doesn't work correctly in pageBeginRender,
> maybe it should be banned? (throw an ApplicationException)
I think that usually it's better to fix the bug rather than ban legal 
use of redirection.


Still unsolved.. Mind Bridge wrote something about this getting ready by 
the end of the week, 2 weeks ago, hehehe.
Need any help?

Ing. Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi
Director T├ęcnico
DTQ Software

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