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From Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi <leona...@dtqsoftware.com>
Subject Re: PageRedirectException in pageBeginRender or pageAttached
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 20:52:12 GMT
Jesse Kuhnert wrote:
> There is such a thing as creating a patch you know. Being ignored after
> submitted a very acceptable patch and being ignored after submitting a bug
> request are two very different things. I think with open source projects you
> kind of have to either pay for it/fix it yourself/wait until it's fixed for
> you. I know the first option is available by going to
> tapestrysupport.com<http://tapestrysupport.com>;)
Oh yes. There also such a thing as feedback. I contributed once a patch 
to this project, only to see that it's sitting around hoping someone 
will look at it:


This is a simple patch for what I was asking for, it just adds a file to 
the codebase, and that's it. Sure, it needs some work, but its a good start.
But it's still floating around.

Now, for this other issue:


I didn't provide a patch, but rather asked for feedback. I just wanted 
to know if it was worth it to present a patch (if it was going to be 
included). The component is very handy, it allows to include Javascript 
functions that invoke listeners. Dump LinkSubmit and add this JS 
function to any DirectLink, PageLink, etc. A nice refactoring.

For the exception error, IMO it's a simple catch you have to add:


But a frequent (and annoying) trend JIRA-based projects have it's that developers close issue
reports after rejecting them. In the Bugzilla days, one could re-open an issue. Here we can't.
Ignoring subsequent comments to the JIRA issue is just rude and inconsiderate to the people
that are contributing to the project (don't worry, Gavin King of Hibernate also does that
- maybe jboss's last 4 letters have gone to his head and it's regrettable to see, for a guy
- me - that has been involved in that project since 2002). I don't like spamming JIRA databases,
so I'd rather whine here in the developer's list.

For the redirect error:


I didn't provide a patch, since I was exploring the functionality. I *did* explore the bug,
and said (in the issue, that wasn't reported by me) that it was caused by an incorrect reset()
on internal forwards, and that Tomcat didn't allow for the encoding to be changed after a
reset() in the same request.

Anyway. I'm just trying to help. But providing patches / errors request when nobody's reading
them, well ... I have a job, too. I can't waste my time talking to the wall.

Somewhere around here Geoff was complaining about something similar. IMO his bug was not as
critical as he thinks, but I agree with him in that the problem is that "nobody cares!"

So, my opinion is, if maintainers don't have time to keep up with all the bug reports, then
get more developers involved! Maybe it's better to do a code freeze for 4.0. Cool! Then go
fix the bugs, but don't go talking about doing a RC if you still have nasty errors.

I'm all into contributing to open source projects. It contributes with my work and I can give
something back. But there are 'developer-friendly' projects and there are 'ego-friendly' ones.
If a developer provides a patch, or provides a detailed bug report, or asks for feedback on
a complex issue, it's not a good idea to ignore him. We're open source developers, not beggars.

Ing. Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi
Director T├ęcnico
DTQ Software

p.s.: Please, please don't fall in the trap of releasing a bad product / 
bad documentation and then force people to go to TapestrySupport.com. 
It's just unprofessional. I'm not saying you are doing it, but then.. 
don't do it, really... (I have enough with JasperReports's lack of 
documentation and all the ads promoting JasperSoft. Sorry, but I'd 
rather see a complete project before thinking of paying support for it).

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