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From Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi <leona...@dtqsoftware.com>
Subject Re: PageRedirectException in pageBeginRender or pageAttached
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 20:06:26 GMT
Jesse Kuhnert wrote:
> Hmmmm...I think patching tapestry locally is a horrible idea, but maybe if
> you just ~have~ to have something in there it could be done in a pinch...
> Of course no one has mentioned that I'm sure 80-90% of the patches submitted
> probably either aren't up to snuff with the rest of the code or don't fit
> into the frameworks current/future goals.
That's a good reason to apply / reject them immediately. They call it 
'continuous integration' ;).
> It does look like tapestry needs at least one more committer though. Someone
> to take care of some of those mean bug submissions everyone keeps posting
> when others are too busy. Hmmm...Who could we find to do that? hmmmmmm...Who
> has a lot of code readily available to examine and determine coding style
> and trustabiltity of source? hmmmm..oh well, i don't know anyone like that.
hahaha I wonder who's the victim you're talking about....

Tapestry does need an additional committer, IMHO.
What's the process of becoming one?

Ing. Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi
Director T├ęcnico
DTQ Software

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