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From Ron Piterman <rpiter...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: PageRedirectException in pageBeginRender or pageAttached
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 11:16:25 GMT
I am also often pissed off with how tapestry is handeling the comunity,
but you should remember that if you want to add a class (like the patch 
you sent) it is not neceserily a bug, its a wish, and wishes are... how 
should i say it... well, free? This "patch" you posted - there is no 
problem of placing it in your classpath and using it, you *don't* need 
tapestry to have it in the codebase to use it, and its not a bug which 
prevents you going on...

now about real bugs - like Jesse said its open source, but I guess he 
forogt something important and that is - you don't need the tapestry 
team in order to apply your patches :

Fix the bug,
create a patch,
apply the patch,
build tapestry,
bug is gone,
post the patch to jira.

If you don't do it this way, and complain that bugs are not being fixed, 
well... a part from open source is interaction with the community.

Some people understand "interaction" as "I submit a bug and you fix it" 
- may be, and then again, may be not...


ציטוט Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi:
> Jesse Kuhnert wrote:
>> There is such a thing as creating a patch you know. Being ignored after
>> submitted a very acceptable patch and being ignored after submitting a 
>> bug
>> request are two very different things. I think with open source 
>> projects you
>> kind of have to either pay for it/fix it yourself/wait until it's 
>> fixed for
>> you. I know the first option is available by going to
>> tapestrysupport.com<http://tapestrysupport.com>;)
> Oh yes. There also such a thing as feedback. I contributed once a patch 
> to this project, only to see that it's sitting around hoping someone 
> will look at it:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TAPESTRY-628
> This is a simple patch for what I was asking for, it just adds a file to 
> the codebase, and that's it. Sure, it needs some work, but its a good 
> start.
> But it's still floating around.
> Now, for this other issue:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TAPESTRY-735
> I didn't provide a patch, but rather asked for feedback. I just wanted 
> to know if it was worth it to present a patch (if it was going to be 
> included). The component is very handy, it allows to include Javascript 
> functions that invoke listeners. Dump LinkSubmit and add this JS 
> function to any DirectLink, PageLink, etc. A nice refactoring.
> For the exception error, IMO it's a simple catch you have to add:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TAPESTRY-671
> But a frequent (and annoying) trend JIRA-based projects have it's that 
> developers close issue reports after rejecting them. In the Bugzilla 
> days, one could re-open an issue. Here we can't. Ignoring subsequent 
> comments to the JIRA issue is just rude and inconsiderate to the people 
> that are contributing to the project (don't worry, Gavin King of 
> Hibernate also does that - maybe jboss's last 4 letters have gone to his 
> head and it's regrettable to see, for a guy - me - that has been 
> involved in that project since 2002). I don't like spamming JIRA 
> databases, so I'd rather whine here in the developer's list.
> For the redirect error:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TAPESTRY-607
> I didn't provide a patch, since I was exploring the functionality. I 
> *did* explore the bug, and said (in the issue, that wasn't reported by 
> me) that it was caused by an incorrect reset() on internal forwards, and 
> that Tomcat didn't allow for the encoding to be changed after a reset() 
> in the same request.
> Anyway. I'm just trying to help. But providing patches / errors request 
> when nobody's reading them, well ... I have a job, too. I can't waste my 
> time talking to the wall.
> Somewhere around here Geoff was complaining about something similar. IMO 
> his bug was not as critical as he thinks, but I agree with him in that 
> the problem is that "nobody cares!"
> So, my opinion is, if maintainers don't have time to keep up with all 
> the bug reports, then get more developers involved! Maybe it's better to 
> do a code freeze for 4.0. Cool! Then go fix the bugs, but don't go 
> talking about doing a RC if you still have nasty errors.
> I'm all into contributing to open source projects. It contributes with 
> my work and I can give something back. But there are 
> 'developer-friendly' projects and there are 'ego-friendly' ones. If a 
> developer provides a patch, or provides a detailed bug report, or asks 
> for feedback on a complex issue, it's not a good idea to ignore him. 
> We're open source developers, not beggars.

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