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From "Brian K. Wallace" <br...@transmorphix.com>
Subject Re: hivemodule loading
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 18:59:26 GMT
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Following on with this, I created TAPESTRY-839 and attached a patch that
just adds a note about locations for web applications. Unfortunately...
unable to build (re: "Building" e-mail) left me with "well... it should
work." (Glad it was HTML and not Java - wouldn't patch without building
and testing Java - even if it was only one line. ;-) )


Brian K. Wallace wrote:
> This was kind of my thinking as well. Any objections if I open an issue
> and patch the docs to specify this more clearly?
> Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
>>> I never specifically tested this.  I made an assumption, a reasonable
>>> one, that a WAR would be a specialized JAR and would include a
>>> META-INF folder ... but in retrospect, I can see how that might not
>>> work for WARs when it does very much work for JARs.
>>> In fact, I think I would rather change the documentation; I suspect
>>> there is no protection of the META-INF folder, as there is of the
>>> WEB-INF folder, meaning that your module descriptors would be visible
>>> to the web client.
>>> On 1/14/06, Brian K. Wallace <brian@transmorphix.com> wrote:
>>> In developing web-apps, if you want to implement url service encoders,
>>> you need to specify it in a hivemodule.xml. The documentation states
>>> this file must be in one of the following locations:
>>>   META-INF/
>>>   WEB-INF/
>>>   WEB-INF/<application-id>
>>> However if it's in META-INF/ of a web-app it doesn't get picked up. I
>>> had forgotten that I just place mine in WEB-INF (WEB-INF being more
>>> secure), but a question today about friendly urls reminded me so I
>>> figured I'd ask: Is there a reason <context-root>/META-INF isn't
>>> checked? If so (and the aforementioned security might be a good one),
>>> I'd be happy to open an issue and add a doc fix / clarification for
>>> that. If not, then an issue to resolve it?

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