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From Jesse Kuhnert <jkuhn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: small absence
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 04:15:36 GMT
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, extremely hectic day....

Here's what I think of it so far, starting with the good and ending with
things that might warrent improvements.

-) So far I haven't needed to do anyting remotely resembling
build.properties or maven.xml, just pure and simple pom.xml descriptors the
way they originally intended I think.
-) The parent->child module jar version dependency system is really really
cool. Sort of like yum/apt if you're familiar with it. There are probably
things I'm missing, and perhaps things they haven't implemented yet, but it
looks like they're heading towards a system where you can say "my project
requires tapestry, and log4j" and it downloads and install all the
dependencies that tapestry and log4j have for you automatically :)
-) Testing fixed! Wheewww, the classloader and other issues have been
greatly improved. This is where most of my direct experience lies because
I'm currently about 95% done patching the testing plugin/testing
report/testng libraries to let tacos have testng downloaded via ibiblio AND
most importantly have pretty little testng reports in our maven site. (Also
because one of my peers has been complaining for so long about either the
eclipse plugin or the reports being produced that I figured this will quiet
him down enough to get some peace :) ) I refuse to use junit voluntarily on
any projects I own, all the annotations and suite method support have
spoiled me...
-) Things seem to mostly "work as expected" (heh) during everything and I've
generally been able to find documentation on most of the items I had
questions about.
-) The maven2 eclipse plugin makes things a ~lot~ easier.

Needs Improvement:
-) The parent-sub module concept is awesome! The only problems experienced
were trying to do anything other than what they are currently doing, which
is having parent->sub modules still live in independent directory trees.
They still work, but more or less still require a "site" be generated for
each sub-module, which isn't very nice when it comes to building
documentation and such. This is my current and only major gripe. I saw an
issue or mentions about this from other users so hopefully they'll think
about adding better/more flexible directory support.
-) A personal sort of observation, almost any code still sitting on codehaus
seems to be rather poorly written. Sorry to anyone who reads this :( It's
only based on two recent project experiences in a row, first drools new
annotation support (which is very nice, just found some obvious -should've
been tested- bugs that induced lots of angry mutterings) and more recently
the testing report plugin. I've fixed the report plugin now, and have even
added in a little sprinkling of js to hide/show error stacktraces. 
(P.P.SIt's probably not fair to bash codehaus at all, just had lots of
questionable run-ins with their codebase sometimes, I do like activemq very
much, but since it's in apache now it seems to be a moot point..)
-) The qdox document format left a lot to be desired going from forrest
syntax that supported a lot more entity types, as well as had a defined dtd
that let me do easy content-assist operations in eclipse.

All in all I'd say going from m1 to m2 is a no brainer, and going from ant
build scripts to m2 is an even easier no-brainer. It's not perfect, but it's
better than anything else available :)


On 1/9/06, Jamie Orchard-Hays <jamie@dang.com> wrote:
> Jesse, what's your impression of Maven 2?

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