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From Cyrille37 <cyrill...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is the HTML extension right?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:43:28 GMT
Howard Lewis Ship a écrit :
> I've been thinking again about the extension for Tapestry templates.
> Although T5 again finds the deepest rut in plain old HTML (or XHTML),
> I'm sure that SVG or various other markup-related formats are
> possible. Possibly a Tapestry page could even be a dynamic CSS file.
> So I've been thinking that the template files should get away from a
> ".html" extension and settle on something Tapestry specific (rather
> than content specific), such as ".t", ".tt", ".tsp" (Tapestry Server
> Page :-) ), ".tap", etc.

I think we need differents extensions for differents  template content 
to help at design time.
For example *.htmlt for html and xhtml, *.xmlt for xml, *.svgt for svg ...
We often could tell to editors softwares and/or operating system to 
recognize an unknown extension as a known extension.

I could not imagine to work with ONE extension for different contents.
If there is only one extension for different content, what is the 
extension usage ?


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