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From "Jesse Kuhnert" <jkuhn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Default Tapestry page CSS
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 05:09:15 GMT
This sounds like it would be good in general, but I have some
misgivings about doing ~too~ much styling. (ie I noticed your body
specifier )

Dojo does a lot of this on some widgets and it has been disastrous.
(Tab / combobox are probably the worst offenders )

Of course if it is just for normal things like styling a component
being used (like error handling ? ) or whatever then it's probably no
big deal. I'd just be careful with things as overarching as doing a
body { } definition.

My head is a little in the sand here though, have you seen other
examples where default css rules have been something people really
liked in other frameworks/etc ?

Don't get me wrong, I do think it's a good idea ...It just seems like
the kind of thing that could easily stay in the extreme realm of being
loved / despised, depending on how it's done.

On 12/31/06, Howard Lewis Ship <hlship@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm stumbling through creating a default Tapestry 5 CSS style sheet.
> I'd like all Tapestry pages to have a "decent" simple L&F out of the box.
> My goals are to have some simple styles inlcuded automatically as the first
> style <link>.
> The styles will either have a "tapestry-" prefix on the CSS class, or have
> no class linkage.
> Users will be able to provide overriding stylesheets, or inline <style>
> elements, to avoid the Tapestry default styles.
> Any help or suggestions on this are welcome!
> --
> Howard M. Lewis Ship
> TWD Consulting, Inc.
> Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
> Creator and PMC Chair, Apache Tapestry
> Creator, Apache HiveMind
> Professional Tapestry training, mentoring, support
> and project work.  http://howardlewisship.com

Jesse Kuhnert
Tapestry/Dojo team member/developer

Open source based consulting work centered around
dojo/tapestry/tacos/hivemind. http://blog.opencomponentry.com

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