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From Numa Schmeder <n...@euroconsumers.com>
Subject Re: New T5 Snapshots
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2007 11:46:50 GMT
I don't understand, you said in the previous post that templates can  
be placed in the root context (that's great!) But in this mail you  
say that tap4 style templates must be in WEB-INF! Why?  Tap 4  
templates are great (in my point) and they should be also working in  
the root context.  I think most of the people will use tap 4 style  
templates, and putting everything in the root context is cleaner for  
the web developer-designer that don't have to see all kind of other  

Anyway good work and nice Job waiting to test Tap 4 :D

Le 10 janv. 07 à 23:58, Howard Lewis Ship a écrit :

> I've put up a new set of Tapestry 5 snapshots.
> Nothing too significant changed in tapestry-ioc.
> tapestry-core is really beginning to cook!  I've been adding more form
> element components: PasswordField and Select to go with Checkbox,  
> TextField
> and TextArea.
> Form components now post a bunch of different events that event  
> handler
> methods can hook into.
> Event handler methods for forms can now return strings, links, or  
> components
> to abort the form handling and redirect to the named page or link.
> An annoying bug related to multiple expansions on a single line of the
> template is now fixed.
> Tapestry 4 style templates are back, with a few differences. They  
> must live
> in the WEB-INF folder.  The default binding prefix is always  
> "prop:" whether
> you use <t:comp> or t:id within an existing tag.
> There's now basic decoration of fields and labels, keyed off the  
> default
> Tapestry stylesheet (that's automatically included).
> A bunch of other stuff too involved to explain.
> We're still aways from the point where I would want to unleash this  
> on the
> unsuspecting public. I have to put in a few more features before I  
> do the
> next screencast and start the tutorials:
> - Application state objects
> - Loop state management within a Form
> - BeanForm-style behavior
> - Implying component type based on element and attributes.
> ... and hats off to Kent Tong for diving in a building a  
> sophisticated,
> built-in unit test framework.  It's somewhat similar to using  
> Selenium for
> testing, but without the need to start Jetty and Selenium servers,  
> so it's
> blindingly fast.
> -- 
> Howard M. Lewis Ship
> TWD Consulting, Inc.
> Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
> Creator and PMC Chair, Apache Tapestry
> Creator, Apache HiveMind
> Professional Tapestry training, mentoring, support
> and project work.  http://howardlewisship.com

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