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From RonPiterman <rpiter...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Default Tapestry page CSS
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 16:55:00 GMT
I have a small problem with default style.

If I look at a project developement cycle, this will influence, or go 
into the prototyping stage - but I doubt if ever going into production 

I find there is alot "to know" to make it to a production with tapetsry 
- I really would like to "need to know less" - now I also have "to know" 
how to override styles, primarily, which styles are predefined and 
exactly which rules they use,- ouch!

It might be great for teaching tapestry, which is what howard does, but 
for using it for real life projects, which is what I do, its not a prime 
feature at all...


Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> I'm stumbling through creating a default Tapestry 5 CSS style sheet.
> I'd like all Tapestry pages to have a "decent" simple L&F out of the box.
> My goals are to have some simple styles inlcuded automatically as the first
> style <link>.
> The styles will either have a "tapestry-" prefix on the CSS class, or have
> no class linkage.
> Users will be able to provide overriding stylesheets, or inline <style>
> elements, to avoid the Tapestry default styles.
> Any help or suggestions on this are welcome!

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