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From Kent Tong <k...@cpttm.org.mo>
Subject Re: [T5] If component / else
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 15:39:51 GMT
Howard Lewis Ship <hlship <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I want to find away to avoid a switch or configuration.  That's the
> kind of approach taken in the past with Tapestry that has made it hard
> to document and configure. I've recently read "The Paradox of Choice"
> as well as some of Joel Splotzky's blogs, which really identify
> punting difficult decisions to the users (under the guide of choice)
> as just being weak willed and lazy.

Agree. IMHO Tapestry has been providing too many different ways to
do the same thing. I think we should really concentrate on the best
way as we see, be done with it and advertise it as the one true way. 
This is far better for learners and users of the framework.

Therefore, I couldn't care less about how to do this If logic thing. 
Is there really any significant difference between all those approaches? 
No. Any one will do just fine and let me do what I want. Even the 
plain old If component works just fine.

> I think the current plan will work well for both groups you mentioned:
> 1) Informal parameters in the template default to "literal:"
> 2) Informal parameters in the Java class default to "prop:"
> 3) Most formal parameters default to "prop:"
> 4) Rarely, parameters will have a different prefix.

The problem is 3) and 4). You can adopt this convention. Other component 
writers may not. For the component users, they will suffer.

Author of a book for learning Tapestry (http://www.agileskills2.org/EWDT)

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