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From Kent Tong <k...@cpttm.org.mo>
Subject T5: type safe configuration vs all-binding
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 16:07:06 GMT

As an experiment, I've implemented the idea of configuring components
using type safe setters. It was surprisingly easy to do. All I did was
to create a mixin to call a configureXXX() method in the container of
the component. It does NOT change any existing code. The component
writer can choose to use the existing all-binding style or use the 
type-safe setter style (by bringing in the mixin). I also found it a lot
easier to write say the AbstractTextField, in particular, the part 
dealing with the default translator and default value binding.

As Howard and Jesse seem to have reservation about this, I'd like to 
seek the users' opinions on which way they prefer. This may help us
decide what to do with it. I can see several alternatives:
1) Forget about it, if very few users prefer it.
2) Let it co-existing with the all-binding style, if some prefer it 
but some don't.
3) Use it instead of the all-binding style, if the majority of users
prefer it.

Author of a book for learning Tapestry (http://www.agileskills2.org/EWDT)

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