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Subject [Tapestry Wiki] Update of "Tapestry5HowToCreateYourQuickstartWithMaven206" by ErikVullings
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 20:43:22 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by ErikVullings:

New page:
Steve Coco explains it clearly in his email on 8 June 2007 to the tapestry users mailing list
how to build the T5 quickstart archetype with Maven 2.0.6. I just thought it would be useful
for others too:

I used the Tapestry archetype to create the basic project -- the exact command
that's outlined here:


And then I changed the tapestry-release-version to '''5.0.5-SNAPSHOT, AND I ADDED
THE MAIN''' Maven snapshot repository to the list of repositories. That one is
           <name>Apache Snpshot Repository</name>
I seemed to see some artifacts move back and forth to different repos, and
adding this repo wound up allowing the build to complete. (Maven will clearly
indicate if an artifact is missing.)

That's about it: it all works fine for me here with only this indicated setup.

You might try it without adding the above repo: it should be obvious if the
build just indicates a missing artifact. Then add this and see what you get.

One other note is that at one point during several attempted builds, I found
that my local repo had an entry for one of the T5 artifacts (I forget
specifically which), but the folder actually only contained the XML files and
no jars. I deleted the artifact folders from my local repo and re-built the
project and they got downloaded intact. So if you create the archetype POM
and then also add that repo, but still have problems, you might try removing
all T5 artifacts from your local repo and re-building to see if this problem
happened to you also.

I never did get to diagnose this issue further: it might have been due to an
aborted build, or maybe I was building right at the instant the artifact was
being added to the remote repo; and I suppose it also could have been because
the actual source artifact in the remote repo was corrupt, but things are
building and running without issue here now so I'm just forgetting about

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