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From "Howard Lewis Ship" <hls...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ready for 5.0.5?
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 01:33:26 GMT
1585 is fixed.  A ton of other stuff has been fixed in the last day or so.

Here's the current release notes:

Release Notes - Tapestry - Version 5.0.5

** Bug
    * [TAPESTRY-1294] - Tapestry does not set an output encoding which
prevents Unicode content from being output correctly
    * [TAPESTRY-1423] - Tapestry IoC fails to get the correct class
from javassist.CtClass when the instance is already a proxy
    * [TAPESTRY-1425] - Eager Loaded service (builder) cannot use
object injection
    * [TAPESTRY-1434] - Service builder methods do not allow services
to be defined in terms of non-interface class, even though
ServiceBinder does
    * [TAPESTRY-1443] - org.apache.tapestry.annotations.Service
annotation is ignored
    * [TAPESTRY-1447] - Headers are not set appropiately to allow the
browser to cache javascript resources.
    * [TAPESTRY-1451] - T5 website: Broken Link to script.aculo.us
    * [TAPESTRY-1464] - Cannot Subclass TapestryFilter to add custom
init() and destroy() logic
    * [TAPESTRY-1465] - BeanEditForm and Grid are not extensible in
terms of supported property types to be editted or viewed
    * [TAPESTRY-1480] - Implement Radio component
    * [TAPESTRY-1481] - ActionLink and PageLink render an id
attribute, but don't provide a clientId property, making it impossible
to reference them in JavaScript
    * [TAPESTRY-1491] - No way to get the logical page name for a page instance
    * [TAPESTRY-1494] - Artifact snapshots are being deployed to the
tapestry-repository, not the tapestry-snapshot-repository
    * [TAPESTRY-1497] - EagerLoad is too early for a normal Tapestry application
    * [TAPESTRY-1498] - nbsp in template causes exception in SAX Parser.
    * [TAPESTRY-1504] - When a Map is converted to a SelectModel, the
keys are converted unnecessarily to strings
    * [TAPESTRY-1508] - NPE on console after using StreamResponse with
image/jpeg via jfreecharts
    * [TAPESTRY-1511] - VerifyError when using inner classes inside components
    * [TAPESTRY-1528] - No way to cleanup the thread without access to
the Registry
    * [TAPESTRY-1537] - Release notes for 5.0.4 claim that
TAPESTRY-1294 is fixed, which it isn't
    * [TAPESTRY-1546] - No equivilent for
    * [TAPESTRY-1559] - application package initializer removed while
merging svn
    * [TAPESTRY-1562] - Spurious warnings about missing component ids
due to case-sensitive checking of template ids vs. declared components
    * [TAPESTRY-1571] - CheckForUpdatesFilter can cause deadlock
    * [TAPESTRY-1583] - The "block:" binding prefix may only reference
blocks that appear before the reference in the template, an error
occurs if the block is defined later in the template
    * [TAPESTRY-1585] - tapestry-upload has an incorrect manifest
entry for the module class
    * [TAPESTRY-1590] - Page templates in WEB-INF located based on
logical page name (which may not match the class name)
    * [TAPESTRY-1593] - Various typos in docs/comments
    * [TAPESTRY-1596] - Contributing a service to the Alias service
configuration fails if the service uses a non-standard scope, such as

** Improvement
    * [TAPESTRY-1359] - The BeanEditForm component should attempt to
create its object parameter if it is null
    * [TAPESTRY-1409] - Extend StreamResponse to support setting
headers in the Response prior to streaming the contents from the
    * [TAPESTRY-1439] - Convert Tutorial from Pages/PDF to new module
using APT format
    * [TAPESTRY-1457] - No way for PageLink to distinguish between an
explicitly empty page activate context and normal delegation to the
target page's passivate event
    * [TAPESTRY-1479] - It would be nice to have a pipeline between
the Dispatchers and the RequestHandlers (for component action requests
and for page render requests)
    * [TAPESTRY-1493] - Grid component should display sort icon next
to all sortable fields
    * [TAPESTRY-1505] - The quickstart archetype should include an
empty bind() method
    * [TAPESTRY-1523] - Split mock-control managing logic in TestBase
so that it can be used in a JUnit test suite
    * [TAPESTRY-1572] - AbstractIntegrationTestSuite should mark
setup() and cleanup() as alwaysRun

** New Feature
    * [TAPESTRY-1354] - Implement a file upload component
    * [TAPESTRY-1356] - Implement client-side field persistence
    * [TAPESTRY-1369] - There should be a global application-level
message catalog for messages common to all pages & components
    * [TAPESTRY-1370] - Add a component event result processor for
Class instances
    * [TAPESTRY-1373] - Recreate T4's Palette component for T5
    * [TAPESTRY-1446] - @Symbol annotation for injecting a specific symbol
    * [TAPESTRY-1463] - Way to inherit binding from containing component
    * [TAPESTRY-1466] - Support expansions inside ordinary attributes
    * [TAPESTRY-1492] - The Session interface needs methods for
getting and setting the session timeout
    * [TAPESTRY-1503] - BeanEditForm should default its object
parameter to container property that matches its id

** Task
    * [TAPESTRY-1485] - Remove the Any component --- not necessary
because of expansions in attributes
    * [TAPESTRY-1501] - Remove Img component, not needed because
expansions are allowed in attributes
    * [TAPESTRY-1566] - Hibernate configuration documentation is out
of date / broken
    * [TAPESTRY-1570] - wrong link to RequestGlobals in the guide

** Wish
    * [TAPESTRY-1472] - The module and filter are coded against
Spring's WebApplicationContext, but doesn't use any APIs not present
in ApplicationContext

I'm looking at 1372 or 1576 right now, they have patches, so that will
help.  5.0.5 isn't complete, but I'd like to get some exposure out
there, especially a (hopefully, this time) good quickstart.  We may
see quickstart evolve in 5.0.6 into a kitchen sink archetype instead
of a minimal.

Ajax, DatePicker, Rich text, more validators, Spring Web Flow
integration are next up.

On 6/20/07, Dan Adams <dan@ifactory.com> wrote:
> I would really like to see the patches for TAPESTRY-1372 and
> TAPESTRY-1576 go in.
> On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 07:00 -0700, Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> > I'm thinking about putting together a 5.0.5 release this week, prior
> > to a (short) vote.
> >
> > None of the existing bugs is super critical and I'd like to get
> > exposure of a few things, such as the new Palette component.
> >
> > Is there anything that MUST go into 5.0.5?
> >
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