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From Chris Lewis <burningodzi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 5.0.11 release soon?
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 13:04:22 GMT
I'll second the concern about people holding out. In fact just yesterday
in the IRC channel someone said they were doing exactly that. On the
other hand I 'm a believer in the release early + often mantra, but for
me having a stable (read 'unchanging') api is sufficient for now as the
core seems quite stable.

Anyway, I quite like the idea of picking a few of the highest issues and
making them part of the last leg. I can't say I agree with choosing the
JS library issue as one of them, but that's because I'm inarguably
biased to prototype.


Kevin Menard wrote:
> I agree that we should have a 5.0.11 release soon.  A lot has changed and
> really needs to be vetted before the final 5.0 release.
> While the final 5.0 release is something I'm sure you're dying to get out
> the door, I do want to make sure that we're giving users everything they
> need and that they're not holding out for 5.1 or later.  I'm thinking it
> might be worthwhile to pick 3 - 5 of the highest voted for issues and
> implement those, otherwise stick to bugfixes.
> FWIW, I'm thinking of the JavaScript packing and versioning as something a
> lot of people were clamoring about and may be worth re-evaluting its 5.1
> status.  Of course, if it's not highly voted for, it can stay for 5.1.

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