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Subject [Tapestry Wiki] Update of "rudy" by rudy
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 03:29:09 GMT
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New page:
Well, this is my wishlist.  Not so long ago, MMOSite Writers Club had a topic to be written
about bringing video games to MMOGs.  I have wrote my part in my previous article, but somehow
I wonder, which game that I would really want to be brought as MMORPGs?

5. Feeding Frenzy

You might be surprised and shout WTF when I mentioned this mini games.  But seriously, have
you ever thought that being a fish with evolution capability, which is one of interesting
RPG elements, can be so much fun?  If this game is ever brought online, we will compete not
just on how to eat as much lower class fish as we can, but also avoiding higher class of fish.
 It's eat or being eaten.  No need for PVP ground cuz everywhere is PVP ground, and being
in higher evolution level doesn't mean you are safe, but all the fields is about feed or being
the food.  As for the bonus status of every special food you take can still be implemented.
 And if they build the fish world just like many cinematic animation movie such as Finding
Nemo or Shark Tale, we can implement funny equipment too.  I heard that some people complaining
that today's MMORPGs are all way too same one to another, so it's a chance to give new genre
a chance.


4. Forgotten Realms Universe

Turbine has already release a Dungeon & Dragon Online, but it was based on the Eberron
world. I really want to see how the Forgotten Realms universe transform to an MMORPG world.
 So why would Wizard of The Coast (WoTC) needed to transform their other world to MMORPG while
the Eberron world is pretty much has the same setting as the Forgotten Realms?  Well it's
the same reason why WoTC need to have more than one world campaign.  The religion, alignment,
and the level of magic commonly used.  And from all of the electronic game that I have played,
Forgotten Realms game always catch me for some sleepless nights because of their gameplay
and story (Pool of Radiance, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Demon Stone).  I feel strange
when D&D online was decided to be based on Eberron world, as most of the electronic games
of D&D were based on Forgotten Realms world.  But I'm sure they have their own reasons
for that.  D&D has been the father of RPG and I believe that today's fantasy
  world are much taking the basis from them or JRR Tolkien's world.  So the elements of RPG
are already there, and their homework is just how to transform them into a more interesting
aspects of MMORPGs.  And they have the potential of creating a new story that can involved
our world, as Forgotten Realms is being forgotten in our world.  Maybe it's time to make them
being remembered again.



3. The Elder Scroll Universe

This series has made Bethesda flirted to bankruptcy and yet this series has made them one
of the most highly rated computer RPG with their latest title: Oblivion.  This series famous
for their vast world, non linear gameplay, and attention to details up to many things that
never been given attention in other RPGs, such as name, date and place. In my last article,
there's comments about bring this series to MMORPG, and I have to agree with them. More over,
there are tendencies that players need some creative elements and something that made game
not all the way too same.  And this is one of the game that not rely heavily on experience
points.  The funny thing when I play Elder Scroll: Arena, the first game of the series, is
that this is the first time I play a game that quite unforgiving for new players, which is
quite the contrary compare to other RPG.  If you are not carefull, you will be dead for sure.
 Ken Orlston, the lead designer of the game, has to replay this game for
  more than twenty times before he got out from the first dungeon.  And that offer me challenge,
to be carefull when roaming in dungeon, or when I have to solve the riddle of opening a treasure
box, and many more.  One of many reasons why people complaint about grinding system of nowadays
MMORPGs, in my opinion, is because they have been offered a lot of fun in levelling when they
are new players, and they have to whip their ass out when they try to levelling as veteran
players.  And from all the strength of the game that I have mentioned, obviously hoping them
to bring this series to  MMORPG would be on my list.


2. Shin Megami Tensei Universe: Persona

The basic of Shin Megami Tensei universe is pretty much the same one to another if we compare
the series title.  It's about making a contract with Akuma (translated as devils but maybe
we can refer them to beasts), and borrow their power to exterminate evil monsters in short.
 The story is not that simple for each title, I just simplify the system and the concept of
the game.  Along your adventure you can even try to found new stronger Akuma by fusing your
available Akumas.  In Persona, they don't called them Akuma, but just Persona.  But the main
reason why I choose the persona series (the third one for more specific), is because their
Social Link system.  You have to develop a good relationship with some people to strengthen
your Akuma, or in this title is called Persona.  So besides going to the battlefield slaying
and grinding monsters to level up, it's best if you also pay attention to your Social Link.
 Now if this system can be implemented in MMORPGs (well it's not eas
 y and need a creative modification, I know), it can solve another classic problem of nowadays
MMORPGs.  Many and many players don't really care about how they act in cyber world of MMORPGs.
 They shout dirty words, insulting other players, PK-ing without respects and reasons, spamming,
cheating, and becoming beggars.  Sometimes I am tired dealing with strangers because of these
reasons.  So if Social Link will affect the development of your characters, I think players
will start to respect each other.  This is one of creative games that really got my attention
for proposing them as MMORPGs title.


1. Diablo Universe

And for all the games out there that I really wish to see being an MMORPG is Diablo series.
 I believe many of us also wish this.  There are too many reasons why I want this title to
be an MMORPG.  Sure Blizzard can say they don't want to bring this title to MMORPG world yet,
as their WoW is still reigning as the defending champion of its genre.  But I can feel the
demand will getting higher and higher.  For me, the number one reason why I put Diablo as
my top wishlist for MMORPG is because the name behind the series, Blizzard.  I have seen how
they always put their heart on developing games and no wonder most of their games always success.
 So unlike the other title, that I see has potential concept to be adopted to MMORPG, I just
plainly believe that when Blizzard decide to bring this series as MMORPG, it will offer somethings
to enjoy.  I do have my own doubt about Starcraft II although I don't doubt it will be commercially
success, but Blizzard's team always have concept,
  they have passion, and they have creativity or innovation.  That's what new MMORPG need.


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