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From "Howard Lewis Ship" <hls...@gmail.com>
Subject Anyone ready for 5.0.14?
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 16:12:27 GMT
Let's see what's in 5.0.14 currently:

Release Notes - Tapestry - Version 5.0.14

** Bug
    * [TAPESTRY-1997] - PersistentLocale is lower-casing locales
    * [TAPESTRY-2181] - The Component Parameters Report should
indicate if a component supports informal parameters
    * [TAPESTRY-2390] - Components or mixins requiring external
javascript files and rendered via AJAX do not work
    * [TAPESTRY-2448] - When a bean class inherits properties from a
base class, field annotations of the base class properties are not
    * [TAPESTRY-2449] - Groovy can inject a base class into component
classes that Tapestry rejects
    * [TAPESTRY-2450] - Unlike reflective access (via
PropertyAdapter), PropertyConduit does not make field annotations
    * [TAPESTRY-2454] - tapestry-hibernate transaction management
doesn't work as expected when commiting more than once on the same
    * [TAPESTRY-2459] - Submit components fires its event after
"validateform" event, should be before (this is a change from prior
    * [TAPESTRY-2460] - Nested BeanEditors (where the block parameter
for a property to one BeanEditor contains another BeanEditor) results
in a StackOverflowException
    * [TAPESTRY-2468] - A deadlock related to class loading (and
creation) can occur
    * [TAPESTRY-2471] - Parameter fields that are updated during
component event processing (such as a form submit) may not clear their
values at the end of the request
    * [TAPESTRY-2473] - Application locks up, with all threads waiting
for read lock inside ConcurrentBarrier
    * [TAPESTRY-2476] - Unhelpful exception messages when a null value
is bound to a required parameter
    * [TAPESTRY-2478] - Non-private fields in Tapestry component
classes should fail early, instead get confusing
    * [TAPESTRY-2481] - ClassTransformation acts as if all type-level
annotations are inherited; it should filter out non-inherited
    * [TAPESTRY-2483] - The '%' symbol passed to
RenderSupport.addScript() is treated as a formatting directive,
causing errors
    * [TAPESTRY-2484] - Some built-in Tapestry components are final
and should be extensible
    * [TAPESTRY-2490] - Palette component forces an unwanted form
submit under FireFox 3

** Improvement
    * [TAPESTRY-2404] - PropertyConduitSource could build a shared
method to "navigate" to the final property
    * [TAPESTRY-2469] - Update Selenium dependency to the current
version, 1.0-beta-1
    * [TAPESTRY-2479] - Upgrade to SLF4J version 1.5.2 (supports older
versions of Log4J better)

** New Feature
    * [TAPESTRY-2235] - Annotation for managing a property as the page
activation context
    * [TAPESTRY-2475] - Add an implementation of GridDataSource that
can be used to optimize Hibernate queries

I think this could be a release candidate ... there's a few minor
issues that could be addressed and a few more worrysome things (such
as DateField not being localizable) that should go into GA but may
have to wait for 5.1.

I hate to be a nag, but I haven't been seeing a lot of commit activity
from everyone else. That's very troublesome, and I'm concerned it
reflects on my management style of the project.  If you have any
criticism, feel free to respond here or privately to me.  I won't be
offended --- I already recognize that project management is by far my
weakest skill!

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator Apache Tapestry and Apache HiveMind

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